We use a variety of electronic goods to make our lives easier and more creative from the time we wake up in the morning. Have you considered the safety and quality of products while enjoying them? Electrical products, without a doubt, can fail and pose a major safety concern. Have their designs been tested for electrical insulation, materials, structures, electric leakage, short circuits, overloads, and overheating? Product safety certification and designing can help you tackle these issues and provide your consumers peace of mind. Putting your items on the market without testing them is certainly not a good idea, especially considering the potential damage to your property, consumers, and brand reputation.


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Silver Flakes India Pvt Ltd has been offering localized testing and certification services for India’s burgeoning household appliance sector. We can give in-depth technical training and counselling in order to provide clients with competent advice during your product R&D. Our team has an extensive and in-depth expertise in comprehensive household appliance testing, independent test facilities, and technical specialists. Furthermore, Silver Flakes India Pvt Ltd provides global market access to local companies and access to the international players willing to invest in India, which is crucial for household appliance makers.